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Why River City Cannabis?

Our Unique Process

At River City Cannabis, we can only guarantee you one thing. Our product never leaves the building until it leaves with you. We maintain the plants lovingly day-in and day-out from planting to harvest and beyond. 


Hand Selected Genetics

You can't build a good house without a good foundation. We are constantly searching for new/better genetics and with our staggered harvest cycle are able to test out and push every set of plants to their fullest and hone in on exactly what we want to have available in our storefront.

High Quality Nutrients

Plants are like any living organism. They need food. We feed using nutrients from Oregon's Only, an environmentally conscious, no harmful chemical, organic, low-waste nutrient manufacturer.  We use all 17 different products they offer to ensure a healthy plant with density, flavor, and aroma. 


Meters & Monitoring

We want the healthiest plants possible. In order to achieve that we have put significant resources in to light quality monitoring throughout the day, water filtration- PPM and PH metering, and humidity levels. 


Odor Control & Elimination

Our neighbors and community are extremely important to us. We have put tens-of-thousands into guaranteeing the odor produced by our growing process is completely captured and eliminated. With the help of contractors and CDC guidelines we developed a 12-page air plan that was reviewed and approved by a Certified Industrial Hygienist. A few of the measures we took: Constructed individual grow spaces within our facility, Anti-microbial wall epoxy for complete room seal, door gasketing on all grow doors, multi-layered negative air pressure system, HEPA-filtered intakes, multiple carbon filters per room, and an updated building exhaust.


Hand Trimming & Inspection

Our bud is hand trimmed to avoid the trichome loss and bud damage that can potentially come from electric trimmers. We are open to using one, we just haven't found one we trust our flower in. After being trimmed it is all then hand inspected before it is sent for testing, to triple-check for quality.

Compliance & Tracking

Our entire process is documented on the state required and regulated METRC program. All plants and packages are tagged and tracked throughout their duration at our facility.


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